George Franco, your ‘Good News’ Auctioneer has raised millions for charities. As a professional benefit auctioneer and veteran broadcaster George understands all aspects of virtual fundraising. He is here to help with his 'Virtual Auction' in a box.

George will help you raise more funds during… 

* A Virtual Fundraiser where Emcee, Benefit Auctioneer and limited guests are in a studio or home live streaming while patrons are bidding and donating from their safe locations. 

* A Hybrid Gala where Emcee, Benefit Auctioneer and some Patrons are at a live location while other patrons are at home. All can donate and bid on one platform simultaneously. 

* A Live Gala where everyone gathers in person which is questionable in the immediate future. 


George will cut the clutter with…. 

* Emcee & Benefit Auctioneer Capabilities 

* Script Writing 

* Webcast Production 

* Video Production 

* Award Winning Story Telling 

* On Camera Coaching 

* Help with Silent, Live Auction, Fund A Need, Games, Raffles and More 

Virtual fundraising requires streaming video, George will help with… 

* Streaming Video Consultation 

* Connections to Professional Studios 

* On Site Streaming Video Team 

* Fundraising Software Recommendations and Implementation 

* Before, During and After Support 



I have two important areas of expertise in this new virtual environment. As your fundraiser, I am keenly aware of the various fundraising software platforms and how they will integrate into your mission. As a veteran broadcaster I also understand the very important audio video elements needed to produce a quality webcast. I am at ease and camera ready.  In essence a well crafted 'show' now replaces the live GALA . I will help you understand and implement this new virtual approach to reach the best results.  As a long time Charity Auctioneer

        Fundraising in the age of COVID

Anatomy of a Virtual Fundraiser

The Good News Auctioneer in Action

How Can I Help 

George Franco, your 'Good News' Auctioneer is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

George Franco


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