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​George Franco is known as the ‘Good News Auctioneer’ and is the founder of Red Cloud Auctions, LLC based out of Metro Atlanta, Georgia. He has been successful for two important reasons.


First, he has an extensive background in TV news, video production and broadcasting, which has earned him a reputation as being a superior communicator and marketer. 


More important, though, is that when you hire him as your Benefit Auctioneer/Host he excels at getting you more participants and raising more funds for your important mission. 


George has raised millions for charities​ through the implementation of his skills and strategies and now he wants to help you do the same.


The way that the world does business has changed dramatically since the advent of the COVID pandemic – it has accelerated the need and understanding of the importance of doing business live and online.


While the world comes closer to returning to ‘normal,’ the lessons we have learned have not escaped us. The need to do business online has been growing for many years and the epidemic has simply furthered the importance of doing so.


This is why George’s skills are so important right now, because they lend themselves perfectly to deliver a successful auction whether in-person, on-line, or a combination of both.


George will cut the clutter with these specific skills and services and his ongoing customer support: 


  • Emcee, Benefit Auctioneer Charisma and Storytelling Skills

  • Script Writing 

  • Webcast/Video Streaming Production Consultation and On-site Teams

  • On Camera Coaching 

  • Connections to Professional Studios 

  • Fundraising Software Recommendations and Implementation

Anatomy of a Virtual Fundraiser

The Good News Auctioneer at Live Galas

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