Celebration Music

Picture this, one of your patrons has out bid everyone else, donating thousands of dollars for that once in a life time experience at your live auction. He or she is jumping out of their seat celebrating their win and yours!

George Franco, the 'Good News' Auctioneer will make sure your great patrons are recognized with celebration music.


After live auction items are sold, we play upbeat, energetic celebration music. It is all part of the 'auctiontainment' we bring to each and every event. Celebration music engages patrons, giving them the chance to literally jump for joy! This kind of excitement and enthusiasm adds up to blissful moments which translate to more revenue for your great cause.

It also provides breathing room for your team to accurately record the winning bidders. Often times we sell auction lots multiple times so it's important to properly keep track of the money.

The 'Good News' Auctioneers team brings celebration music which can be tailored to the theme of the night. We also

have an audio tech who expertly weaves the music in and out at the most appropriate times.

Celebration music helps with a very important aspect of fundraising, 'fun'raising. 

Remember if they are having fun and emotionally connected your patrons will donate more.