Limited Budget ?

We have heard this a few times, "But we can't afford a professional benefit auctioneer, it's not in our budget."

The budget for the 'Good News' Auctioneer comes from the funds raised at the event. With proper consultation and advanced planning George Franco, the 'Good News' Auctioneer, helps you reach and exceed your fundraising goals. The budget to pay auctioneering services should ALWAYS come out of the funds raised the night of the event.

The truth is NOT hiring George Franco, The 'Good New' Auctioneer, can cost you far more. After all, he's a professional, licensed auctioneer with an extensive background in benefit auctions, as well as previously as a broadcaster and many times an Emcee. If you've tried using the principal, a parent, board member of local newscaster and realize it's time for a change give us a call.


George Franco's expertise often turns small budget auctions into large revenue-generating events. The Good News Auctioneer can do the same for you!