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George Franco - Realtor - Auctioneer - Liquidation Specialist

You trusted me as a veteran broadcast journalist at Fox 5 News Atlanta for many years. My reputation as a tough, ethical reporter with integrity was everything. The same applies to me helping you! Real Estate has always played a role in my life. As a long time, investor, I understand the intricacies of real estate. With the help of the extensive resources of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, I will help you reach your goal, whether you are buying or selling. As a buyer’s agent you can count on me to find your dream home in a timely manner. As a listing agent my extensive contacts in the Metro Atlanta area will help attract a large pool of potential buyers for your property. I am also part of the 'Seller Choice' Auction Team with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. Me and other realtors, who are also professional auctioneers, are working in tandem with the BHHS family. At Berkshire Hathaway Home Services we are taking a global view of luxury assets. The finest Thoroughbreds, the most exotic cars, the rarest art, is all sold at auction. The same can be said for real estate. Like other high quality assets, the auction method could be the right approach to garner the highest sales price. If the property has been delayed in the selling or buying process the auction method may be best approach. There are no contingencies, no closing costs, no repairs! With me at your side, we will explore the best options. Together we will reach your moment of bliss to declare 'We did it’!

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