The Right Sound System !

If they can't hear you, they won't help you! It's as simple as that.


Often non-profits, schools, foundations and others rely on sound provided by hotels or venues. If you see the speakers placed in the ceiling it means you probably need to get professional sound. Those type of set ups are designed for 

seminars or luncheons or events where a person is speaking to a group of attentive, or not, in the audience. No doubt you've heard such set ups which sound muffled or hazy.

Maybe you think, the band sound set up is adequate. Think again, band sound is meant to be heard in the totality of the musical instruments blended with vocals for one sound. It is NOT meant to carry the voice of a professional benefit auctioneer. 

Either way in house set ups or band sound are a far cry from the adrenalin driven excitement of a live auction or the emotionally packed moments of a personal testimonial during a GALA. That calls for powerful, clear sounding amplification. 


Benefit auctions require a professional sound system. The 'Good News' Auctioneer can provide a BOSE Tower system with wireless Sennheiser wireless microphones for most events. Substantially large crowds call for a professional sound system. Either way, always make sure they can hear you so they can help you!