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Virtual Fundraising

     In the age of CoronaVirus when you and your team are practicing 'social distancing' a Virtual Fundraiser may be the answer. In place of the live GALA, the 'Good News' Auctioneer will help you produce and execute a live benefit auction.

    With my years as a television reporter I am keenly aware of what it's like to go 'live'. As a former anchor/producer I would produce the newscast I was anchoring. In essence it's the same thing when it comes to a successful Virtual webcast. This is a merging of two technologies, webcasting/broadcasting and fundraising. 

    We would produce a fundraising 'show' for the web. We would integrate fundraising software with webcasting to seamlessly bring your Gala to various web formats, Facebook, YouTube, Vemio, Instagram and others.

    With or without our help, a private Facebook group or Youtube page would be set up, to invite your patrons to connect virtually. Perhaps your non-profit or school or foundation is already set up with social media. We simply go from there.

      I have access to professional broadcast quality studios, cameramen, technicians and crews to make it a successful event,

     Prior to the live event, you would invite your patrons to the page days before and then we would gather on site or in studio with a few luminaries for the big night. 

Then we would produce the night's big event with a custom look for your organization.

     The Virtual Fundraiser will never replace an actual GALA but it's the next best thing which

may ultimately bring in new patrons who will fall in love with your great cause.